Sunday, 31 March 2013

Eggplant – a quilted wall hanging

Another cute Applepatch Designs pattern by my friend Terry Morberg, the leaves and pot top are three dimensional.  I made Eggplant as an Easter gift for my husband this year, I call him my Martha Stewart, as he likes to decorate the house for festive occasions.  He was very pleased and immediately hung it.

Also made up a few cute treat bags, another Terry Morberg idea.  The family seemed delighted with their gifts; thank goodness they support and indulge me with my sewing and quilting passion.
Eater treat bags

Waiting to be filled

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Mom’s Quilts

Today is my mom’s 80th birthday so I am posting a couple of quilts that I made for her.  This blue and white quilt was made mostly from her dresses; some of these dresses would have been handmade as we made most of our own clothing back then.  This quilt is more than 25 years old and tied with blue yarn and finished with an eyelet edge.
Blue and White Quilt

The quilt was a Christmas gift many years ago, and later I noticed that she wasn’t using it, I asked her about it and she thought that it was too white and would get dirty.   

I decided that I should make a quilt of her choice, so we made a trip to a local quilt shop where she saw a quilt that she liked.  I made the second purple and pink quilt for her and asked if I could have the blue and white one, as these were my favourite colours and I liked the memories that were captured in the fabrics.  
Pink and Purple Quilt

The pink and purple quilt was quilted on my domestic machine with cross hatching and meander in the borders.  It has been stored in her closet for all these years as mom didn’t want her cat to leave hair on it (she doesn’t have a cat anymore).  I think she just likes to save things and keep them for a special occasion.  I borrowed the quilt to take this picture, and decided it needed laundering.  I’ll see if I can talk her into using it when I bring it back.

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