Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Finished Object

My goal for March was to quilt and bind this scrappy quilt called UFO Complete.  UFO stands for UnFinished Object in quilter lingo

This quilt pattern can be found in the book Simple Strategies for Block-Swap Quilts by Lynn Roddy Brown. I was inspired by my friend Doreen’s version which I quilted for her in 2015 and blogged here

This quilt has a little story, as most of them do.  Each year I cull my stash and send fabric to Ujamaa Grandma’s annual fabric sale. So one year as I was collecting fabrics to deliver to them I decided to cut a strip of each fabric before I let them go.  I cut these strips big enough for the components of the blocks in this quilt, and that was the beginning.  Piecing this quilt was an excellent leader/ender project and slowly it came together.

Quilted with the Double Plume pantograph b by Keryn Emmerson, and a Honey Gold Glide thread. 

I had one larger piece of suitable backing fabric in my stash and was able to find a couple of complimentary fabrics to make the back big enough. 


Happily March’s goal is complete so that I can take part in Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.  And now it’s time to find a project to finish for April.

If you are interested in spending an hour (or any portion thereof) on handwork, join me on Thursdays @ 12:30 pm MST for Finishing School, which I run through Mount Royal University Library’s Maker Studio.  Here is a link to register (free) - Finishing School  I like to refer to it as Stitch and Bitch, however since we are an academic institution, we call it Finishing School.


Unfinished Object Complete 2021

The finished quilt measures 86 inches by 63 inches.

Started: May 2019.

Finished: March 2021


Glory always awaits you at the finish line.

Friday, 5 March 2021

UFO Revisited

The project that I’ve selected to complete for March’s OneMonthly Goal (OMG) is a quilt called UFO Complete. 

The top was pieced in December, and as I was looking for a quilt to finish this month as I searched through my large pieces of fabric to find suitable backings for any of my quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  I’m happy with a piece I found in my stash, that I thought would be appropriate for UFO Complete, not quite big enough, however I also found a couple of complimentary pieces to expand the size. 

Come back at the end of March to see if I’ve completed quilting and binding UFO Complete and check out my back art.

Good things come to those who believe,

Better things come to those who are Patient and

the best things come to those who Don't give up.