Saturday, 31 January 2015

Piecing up January for the RSC

I’ve been sewing blue blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month, I just haven’t been posting, so here they all are.
Rainbow Scrap Challenge blue blocks
Two blue Slabs, fashioned after Cheryl Arkison’s Slabs used in her quilt The Missing U from the book Sunday Morning Quilts by Cheryl Arkison and Jean Nyberg.
Two blue for my Paintbox quilt from Oh Fransson’s paintbox tutorial.

Two blue hearts to finish up my blocks for my Rainbow of Hearts quilt.

And some leaders and enders in blue, which will eventually become a postage stamp quilt, hopefully with a piece of almost everything in my fabric collection by the time I’m finished.

That’s it for my blue blocks for January, be sure to check out the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at So Scrappy to see what wonderful piecing others have been up to and also a link to many other inspirational quilt blogs
Quilting is powerful!
It gets rid of depression, relieves anxiety, and improves creative thinking.
Be powerful! - Quilt

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Cushy Life

I work in a Library and last year for our Professional Day I made this Stack of Books cushion as a door prize.
Stack of Books cushion
I decided on brown for the background to resemble wooden bookshelves and used fabric with letters for the sides and back of the quilt.  If I were to make this cushion again I think I would use fabric with smaller text/letters.
I’ll probably make another for this year’s Professional Day and try out a new design; I have a few up my sleeve and on my pinterest board.

More cushions... I picked up the book PillowPop by Heather Bostic, there are a few cushions I want to make from this book.  The first two that I have completed are for my living room; I decided to make these cushion the reverse of each other.  Finished them up at my friend Carolyn’s cabin on a sew weekend.
Pillow Pop Cushions
Here they are in my living room.

Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age. ~ Booth Tarkington

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mile a Minute Baby quilts

Here are three of my baby quilts using the Mile a Minute block.  The first quilt is called Polka dot Square Dance.
Polka dot square dance baby quilt

Quilted with the Square Dance pantograph by Anne Bright.
Square dance pantograph
A little bit of back art, a good way to use up and incorporate bits of fabric from the front of the quilt and my stash.
Quilt back art

Polka dot square dance was a gift for Finley, my step-mother’s grand-nephew, because his grand-mother Bev fell in love with the bright colours.

The next baby quilt is called Little Hands, again bright mile a minute quilt blocks and some adorable painted hands fabric from my stash.
Little Hands baby quilt
I used the Little Hands pantograph by Anne Bright and a rainbow variegated thread for the top of the quilt.
Little hands pantograph
Back art again with complementary fabrics and extra fabrics from the front of the quilt.
Quilt back art
This quilt has sold, to a colleague, to give as a baby gift.
For the third little quilt I picked mostly pastel colours to use in the blocks with aqua shashing to keep it gender neutral, and a cream and blue star border and corner stones.
Pastel Mile a Minute baby quilt
Quilted with the Shooting Stars pantograph by Sue Schmieden and a light turquoise thread.
Shooting Star pantograph
On the back I used an extra mile a minute block which I expanded and then added some aqua and blue fabrics from my fabric stash.
Quilt back art
I still have this little darling; it is for sale - I’m considering setting up an Etsy account as I do have a few completed quilts that I would like to sell.

One who sleeps with a blankie is comforted with love.