Monday, 29 February 2016

Laurel Burch Butterflies quilt

Pat made this quilt from Laurel Burch fabric as a gift for her grand-daughter.
Butterflies quilt

Butterfly charm by Hermione Agee was just the right pantograph to complement the butterfly fabrics.  Quilted with a light turquoise thread.
Butterfly charm pantograph

More fun butterfly fabric on the back of this quilt.

Granddaughter a beautiful reflection of yesterday.  A joyful promise of tomorrow.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Two Scrap Buster quilts by Joanne

Playing with her scraps, Joanne made these two improvisational quilts, the first which she called Blue Scraps was done by continuing to add blue fabric until she had a nice sized lap quilt (42 x 59 inches).
Blue Scraps quilt
Joanne decided that the Drip pantograph from Beany Girl Quilts was an appropriate design for this quilt, and we completed Blue Scraps with a royal blue thread.

Drip pantograph
For her second scrappy quilt Joanne tried my Mile a Minute tutorial, and made scrappy blocks fit together with sashing and cornerstones and a red border.  I think she enjoyed the process.
Mile a Minute quilt
For this patchy quilt Joanne chose the Popcorn pantograph by Jodi Beamish and a cream coloured thread.
Popcorn pantograph
Joanne had a few blocks left over, so she incorporated them into back art for the quilt.
Quilt back art
A fun and useful way to use up fabric scraps.
We live in a web of ideas, a fabric of our own making. - Joseph Chilton Pearce