Saturday, 21 March 2020

Turquoise Book Marks

Happy to have found a little pile of turquoise bookmarks this week - buried on the corner of my quilting table - that needed finishing. 
Mini log cabin book marks in turquoise, getting ready for an artisan sale in November.  Each year we have a Faculty and Staff artisan sale at Mount Royal University (in Calgary), and we are growing as a couple of years ago we also included student artisans.  I have sold quilts, however it’s always nice to have smaller priced items as well.

Playing with turquoise this month lets me participate in Soscrappy’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

You are alive and that is the only place you need to be to start. ~ Carrie Rainey

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Yesterday was a good day

I wanted to play with fabric and just sew, not measuring or calculating, just sew.  My favourite mindless/therapeutic go to block is the Mile a Minute block (some refer to these as crumb).  First I took a meander over to Soscrappy to see what colour they were working with this month for the Rainbow Scrape Challenge, I thought I might as well sew along.  Turquoise it was, so I pulled out all my turquoise scraps and began to joyfully sew.  I ended up with these 14 eight and a half inch blocks. 
Now I have just a small bag of turquoise scraps left.  These blocks will be saved to go into a larger project.  I have a few rainbow scrap quilt pictures saved on Pinterest, so I will look there once I get more blocks in other colours.  I’ll be happily quilting through the rainbow!

Shine your soul with the same egoless humility as the rainbow and no matter where you go in this world or the next, love will find you, attend you, and bless you.  ~  Aberjhani

Friday, 6 March 2020

A goal for March

It is my intention to join the pieces of this sweater together and knit the ribbing around the neck. 

Blocked and ready to go.  My daughter tells me I’ve been working on this sweater all her life, she may be correct!  I won’t tell you how old she is, however she has graduated from University and been working for at least a couple of years.

The sweater is called Split Diamond Crewneck and is from a Kaffe Fassett & Zoe Hunt book called Family Album: Knitting for Children and Adults.  It has 27 different colours of yarn in it.  I just checked and the book was published in 1999, so my daughter was already a several years old when I bought it and then started knitting this, phew.

I’m looking forward to wearing it at the end of the month.

And with this goal I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts one monthly goal, thank goodness I qualify with yarn, as her rules state:  Any goal that involves a step in the process of making with thread, fabric or yarn is a valid goal.

This weekend’s (month’s) forcast is mostly knitting with a chance of wine.