Saturday, 18 February 2017

Birch Tree Quilt Blocks

For this week of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I made some Blue/Green Birch Tree quilt blocks.
Birch Tree Quilt blocks

The Birch Tree Pattern is by Amanda Jean Nyberg, she has a blog at Crazy Mom Quilts and is one of the co-authors of the book Sunday Morning Quilts.  My background fabric is from Colorways by Vicki Welsh. There were two different blue/green swatches in my rainbow of colours from Vicki, can you see the very slight variance in this picture?

I’m really liking how these Birch Tree blocks are coming together and once I’ve sewn my way through the rainbow should have a Birch Tree baby quilt.  I’m enjoying using itty bitty scraps for these blocks.

There are a lot of inspirational scrappy and rainbow quilty pictures to enjoy at Saturday’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge, have a look.

Saturday, 11 February 2017


This week I worked on a couple of Scrappy Trip-along quilt blocks in aquamarine, which is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for February.

Scrappy Trip-along quilt blocks
 Over the past couple of years I have made seven of these in each colour to participate in the RSC, as I was sorting through my blocks I noticed I only had five aquas.  I’m not sure if I ran out of scraps in that colour, or just ran out of steam or time.

These blocks will join their brothers and sisters - I have seven blocks of ten different colour groupings. 
A Rainbow of Scrappy Trip-along quilt blocks
Okay, I just realized that this will be a big quilt, I’d better stop now.  If I make it 8 x 8 blocks, which is 64 blocks it would finish at around 108 x 108, that’s King size, and I’d be left with 6 blocks, yikes.  I’ll have to rethink this.  Time to stop sewing Scrappy Trip along blocks.

Have a look at all the pretty aqua (teal) projects for February’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Soscrappy, and come by next Saturday to see another aqua project in progress.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Aqua slabs

Friday evening, I spent an enjoyable time sewing two aqua slabs (after Cheryl Arkison’s fashion) so that I could participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge which happens every Saturday.  Each month Angela picks a new colour and we all link up on Saturday to show what we've accomplished.  I have a few rainbow projects on the go that need an aquamarine piece (or something blue/green) to help bring them nearer to completion, so part of my evening was preparing, choosing and gathering aqua bits, and just having fun playing with fabric – my happy place.

Aqua Slabs (quilt blocks)
These two new slabs will join a bunch of others, and I believe I am near to having a quilt top.  They are actually quite large, 15 inches unfinished, so two more (I’m planning on black) will make a 60 x 90 quilt.
A Rainbow of Slabs

Do you need a little inspiration, especially on using up some scraps?  Have a look at what others are doing at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, for this first Saturday in February.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Plaid quilt project

My February goal for the OMG (One Monthly Goal) event is to complete – quilt and bind - this plaid quilt.

Plaid square exchange quilt
Again, it is a very old project which has been hanging around for a long time.  There are really two quilts to this story, somewhere around twenty years ago I took part in a fabric exchange, and for this exchange we each had to send eight, eight inch squares to the other participants.  There where 10 people in each group, so we ended up with 80 squares apiece. 

When I got my squares I laid them out on the floor and liked the way they looked, so I just sewed them together to make a quilt for my then little boy’s ‘big boy’ bed.  I tied his quilt and finished it with a prairie point binding.  I loved this quilt so much that the next time a plaid exchange came around, I signed up again and what I’m going to finish this month is the second quilt.

Here is a picture of the first, well-loved old quilt.

Plaid quilt with prairie point border/binding
Here is the second on the long-arm machine, as of this morning and ready to go.

Check out the many great project on the go for the February OMG event at Elm Street Quilts, and perhaps join us in finishing fun. Be sure to check back here at the end of February to see if I have completed  the Plaid quilt and which pantograph my guys picked for it.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Paintbox quilt completed

A Rainbow Scrap Challenge finish.

Paintbox quilt
These were fun blocks to make for the RSC, and it took me a couple (maybe even three) years to get all the blocks completed.

I seem to like making blocks, but when it comes to sewing them together into a quilt top I get stalled.  January always gets me in the finishing mode so I decided to tackle the sashing, and then when Angela challenged us to finish a Rainbow Project for the end of the month, I knew it was Paintbox. Quilted with the Baptist Fan pantograph by Hermione Agee and a white Glide thread.

I like the way Elizabeth Hartman designed her quilt back and followed as close as I could, however I didn’t have enough solids, so I completed three rows and left it at that.

Paintbox quilt back
The wind was blowing today, so it was tricky trying to get a photo without the quilt being tossed.  You might also notice that a portion of the scrappy binding is not sewn, it will be finished tonight!

I started this quilt from a tutorial on Elizabeth Hartman’s blog, however she has redone her web presence and Paintbox is not included.  For anyone who is interest, I was able to find a free pattern download at Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

Now over Soscrappy for the last day of the month Rainbow ScrapFinishes!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

It is Finished

Yeah!  I have completed my One Monthly Goal (OMG), the Double Irish Chain quilt that I posted unfinished at the beginning of the month, hoping to get it quilted and bound by the end of the month, and here it is.
Irish Double Chain quilt
I had so much fun quilting it, I really enjoyed the continuous curves, the motif in the middle, not so much, it was very simple, however I was having so much fun with the continuous curves I just wanted to keep going and not stop after each row to complete the white centres. 

So many fun memories in the quilt of clothing and doll clothing from my childhood, and I love the yellows and blues.

I have one other finish which I will post on Tuesday January 31st for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so stop by and have a look again.  So happy to be finishing with two completed projects in January.

Do check out our OMG group at Elm Street Quilts, maybe you will be inspired to join in the fun for February.  Now I must check my list to see what I plan on finishing next, I’ll be posting in the first few days of February.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Rainbow Studio

I have finished all but one of the projects on my purple Rainbow Scrap Challenge list, and I'm not ready to finish the last project as I just got tired of my purple scraps, I think I need some new purples to play with.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on finishing my Paintbox quilt so that I can participate in Angela’s Rainbow finish at the end of the month, so for now a rainbow of colours is what I see when I look into my Longarm quilting studio.
First the Paintbox flimsy, which is moving along quite nicely, as I am about two rows from competing the quilting, as of last night.

Paintbox quilt flimsy
I also have the top of Rainbow Rows finished and hanging on my 'Completed Tops' quilt rack, so perhaps it will be my February RSC finish.
Rainbow Row quilt
And a rainbow of Glide (my favourite) quilting thread, always brings a smile to my face to see these pretty colours.
Glide thread

No little RSC projects this week, I’m looking forward to finishing the Paintbox quilt and to seeing what colour we will be playing with in February with Soscrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.