Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rudy’s Quilt by Mary-Ann

Mary-Ann made this lovely quilt in flannels for her husband Rudy.  I believe she got this fabric somewhere along the Alaska coast while on a cruise.
Rudy's Flannel Quilt

The ‘Falling Leaves’ pantograph by Dave Hudson is a perfect choice for this Fall looking quilt.
Falling Leaves Pantograph

Mary-Ann hand quilts most of her quilts, so I feel honored when she brings me a quilt to do.

What I make with my hands, I give of my heart.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Kevin and Skyla’s Wedding Quilt

Last September my son Kevin married his sweetheart Skyla.   I love making wedding quilts and bringing the personality of two people together in the project.  Kevin loves argyle and Skyla’s favourite colour is pink, so an idea was born.  The small crossing lines are hot pink.
Argyle Quilt

A few years ago I had picked up the book Hook, Line and a Hole in One by Four Corners which had the pattern for an argyle quilt in it, I had always thought I would make this quilt for Kevin, so a wedding gift was an excellent opportunity.

The pantograph that I used was called Paisley Max by Jodi Beamish and paisley just happens to be another pattern that Kevin likes, and he did comment on the quilting pattern when they opened their gift.
Paisley Max Pantograph

I like the idea of having matching pillow shams especially for full/queen size quilts and have used Heather Mulder Peterson and Deb Mulder’s book Shams With Style, several times to complete the bedding picture.
Argyle Quilt with Shams
Close-up of Argyle Quilt and Sham

A little back art and a label complete the back of the quilt.

Kevin and Skyla at the gift opening in their beautiful back yard.

Argyle Quilt in the making.

Congratulations on a year of marriage! 

Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love.