Saturday, 30 August 2014

RSC last day of green

This is the last Saturday of light green for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I strayed a little and worked on green, I’m out of light greens and light green projects.  I completed one black, white and green crazy patch.
Black and White with Green Crazy Patch quilt block

I am done with this project, I just don’t have the desire to do any more, so I’ve counted up my squares and realize that I should make a couple more blocks (in other colours) and I will have enough blocks for a nice 50 x 60 inch quilt.
I then finished putting the green shashing and the green frog border on a mile a minute quilt.
Mile a Minute with green frog border
I’ve been enjoying my garden this summer and thought I would share a couple of photos (kind of green), my son planted Angel’s Trumpet (Datura), here it is about to bloom, in bloom and a side view, enjoy.
Angel's Trumpet ready to bloom
Angel's Trumpet in bloom
Angel's Trumpet side view

This quote reminds me of what we as quilters do with fabric…
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~ Michelangelo


  1. Glad that your quilt told you it was time to be done. Sometimes mine do that too and it is always nice to move them along to the next step.

  2. That makes a nice size quilt. I love the frog print border that is a very fun looking quilt!

  3. ok love that frog border fabric very cute!!!!

  4. That's a good size. Love those blocks and the frog print : )

  5. Oh, I like that b/w block with just a tiny touch of green. And I love the frog border. Sooo cute. Great use of scraps!

    Angel's Trumpets come up every year in my vegetable garden so they are kind of like a weed but I leave them alone and let them grow in with the veggies because I think they beautiful.

    1. Cathy, interesting that we baby and nurture our Angel's Trumpet and it grows like a weed for you. They are beautiful. I'm loving our Angel's Trumpet and Hydrangea this summer, neither are grow easily here, both so beautiful.