Monday, 13 April 2015

Baxter’s quilt by Linda

Baxter is Linda’s daughter’s dog and Linda made him a cute little quilt with doggy print materials.  I guess Baxter liked to sleep on Linda’s daughter’s quilt and she was concerned about that, so Linda made Baxter his very own quilt – great idea.  Linda told me that Baxter loved his quilt and knew right away what to do with it.
For some reason I didn’t get a picture of this quilt when I finished it, I think I was in the Christmas rush, so Linda has kindly sent me a picture.  Baxter has been using his quilt for a year so Linda says it’s ‘a little worse for wear’ – I think used and loved is good when it comes to quilts.
Baxter's quilt
To add to the theme of this quilt we quilted it with the Puppy Paws pantograph by Jessica Schick. 
Puppy Paws pantograph

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.~ Bernard Williams

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  1. One of my granddogs used to run up to us when we visited and looked so sad when we left. Of course, she was the one we would bring her the skin and cartilage and veins from the chicken soup - parts my hubby wouldn't eat. I never made her a quilt. If I had I'd have liked to make on like this one... Special, but not too complicated, and the fabric is perfect, Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Our 2 dogs would love a quilt but they would chew it!

  3. Every dog needs its own quilt. How cute and special, and the puppy paws pantograph is the perfect touch.

  4. For whatever reason, my dog and my husband both love an old comforter as their special snuggle blanket, instead of one of my quilts that are all over the house. Go figure.

  5. Perfect quilting for a cute quilt.