Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Three quilts by Judy

Bits and Pieces Floral is the name of the first of three.
Bits and Pieces Floral quilt
 Judy decided that this floral quilt should be quilted with the Bellflower pantograph by Patricia E. Ritter, we used a green coloured variegated thread called Forest, which I think nicely blends the floral into the mustard coloured border.
Bellflower pantograph
You can get a nice look at the pantograph pattern on the back of this quilt.

Bellflower pantograph
And here it is looking pretty with some of my garden flowers.

Bits and Pieces Autumn is the name appropriately chosen for this second quilt.
Bits and Pieces Autumn quilt
 For the Autumn quilt, Judy chose the Falling Leaves pantograph by Dave Hudson, with a rust coloured thread.
Falling Leaves pantograph
A look at the pantograph on the back of the quilt.

Falling Leaves pantograph
Doesn’t this quilt look pleasant beside the Lion’s Head?

Java a great name for this eye-catching quilt.

Java quilt
 Java is quilted with a pantograph called Hot Cocoa by Apricot Moon Designs, I imagine swirls of steam coming off a hot cup of Joe.  We used a medium brown thread, which looks magnificent in the borders and on the back of this quilt.
Hot Cocoa pantograph
Java quilt
Judy’s been busy.

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  1. Three lovely quilts, three complimentary quilting designs. Nicely done!!