Thursday, 29 December 2016

Janet’s quilts

Two bright and white quilts by Janet.  The first Janet has named Bass Note, you will find this quilt by Sarah Fielke in her book Hand Quilted with Love, Sarah called it Bass Line, in any case you get the idea, it looks like the “bass line on a stereo”. 

Bass Note quilt
A few of us got together and shared our Kaffe Fassett (style) fabrics and each made our version of this lively quilt.

Janet wanted hers quilted like the quilt in Sarah’s book, infinity looks in the coloured portion and loops in the white areas.

Kaffe Fasset’s Asian Circles fabric is a great backing for this quilt.

I didn’t get the name of Janet’s second quilt, however I did jot down that it is a Fons and Porter pattern.

Quilted with the Square Dance pantograph by Anne Bright.

Backed with a red Kaffe Fassett Target fabric.

Janet decorates her house with quilts and changes the colours and styles to suit the seasons and occasions, these two will be a bright addition to her delightful décor.

Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches. ~ Logan Pearsall Smith

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