Monday, 16 July 2012

Mile a Minute Quilts Finished

It’s July and if you bring me a Mile a Minute quilt before the end of this month you will get a 30% reduction on the longarm quilting fee.

Blue Mile a Minute Quilt
Pat followed my Mile a Minute Tutorial and completed three quilts which she brought me to quilt in May.  Pat pointed out that the fabric for each of these quilts came out of the same scrap collection, so the blocks are basically the same; just the sashing, cornerstones and borders are different.  And what a difference it makes.

Shooting Star Pantograph
Blue Mile a Minute quilted with the Shooting Star pantograph by Sue Schmieden

Red Mile a Minute Quilt
Blowin'Wind Pantograph
Red Mile a Minute quilted with the Blowin’ Wind Panto by Jodi Beamish

Green Mile a Minute Quilt
Daisies Galore Pantograph

Green Mile a Minute quilted with the Daisies Galore Panto by Irene Steele.

Pat also used the same fabric for the cornerstones and border, a nice touch that really brings the quilt together, I plan to copy this on future Mile a Minute quilts that I make.  Congratulations on completing three beautiful quilts from your scraps Pat.

Sewing mends the soul.


  1. That is one of the things I like so much about these types of quilts - all the scraps can come from the same source and yet they can all look so different. I like the cornerstone idea too!

    1. Thankyou. As you can see once I got started it was hard to stop. My kids are going to use these with their families for picnic blankets.