Saturday, 17 November 2012

Black and White with a dash of colour

Black and White crazy patches

I’m working on a set of Crazy Patches using mostly black and white prints and decided each block needed a dash of colour so I’ve added a primary (or green) to each block.  I do have a bunch of these blocks made up however not quite enough for a quilt yet.  

Most of the fabric from these patches is from a gift (green garbage bag full of cottons) from my friend Nancy who used to own a Villa Factory, a well known clothing company in Calgary.  

My Inch by Inch quilt and the Inch by Inch Blue and White blocks have all come out of the same bag.

The November colours for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge are Blacks and Greys, click soscrappy to see what others are doing in blacks and greys this week.

My friend Nancy


  1. So pretty. Love the splash of color in each block.

  2. The dash of color is each block is just the right touch. What a nice collection of scraps.

  3. I love your inch by inch black and white blocks. Especially the bits of color in each block! Great idea!

  4. Great blocks, and all from the gift bag of scraps. I like the little bit of colour.