Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quilt Primer

Last weekend I taught a beginner quilting class called ‘A Quilt Primer’ at Out of Hand in Calgary, after a weekend of fun learning and completing a crib size quilt I think everyone is planning their next project.  In fact Karen being a quick cutter and sewer completed a second, larger quilt top before the end of class!

Here are their pictures with the lovely finished quilts.
Sharon and Karen
Joan and Rosemarie
Nola and Jo-Ann
Heather & Jen - notice the added touches to this quilt

Thank you all for an enjoyable weekend, I hope to see you in a future class!

Inside you there's an artist you don't know about. ~ Rumi


  1. What a joy for you to have inspired some new quilters! And what fun that each quilt reflects the maker's own twist on a traditional pattern!

  2. Angie, It is pure joy, I often say "I enjoy turning people on to quilting," and you are so correct, each new quilter brings their personality to their project. I also get to observe as their own style and colour sense comes alive, so gratifying for me.