Sunday, 16 March 2014

Two quilts by Lynette

The Buck Stops Here quilt is a lovely floral bouquet of fabrics set in a scrappy cream background.  This quilt was a monthly program at a local quilt shop and Lynette expanded her quilt by adding a few of her own scraps, a great idea to add to the dimensions of a quilt.  I like the bits of floral in the background.
The Buck Stops Here quilt

While looking through my pantographs, Lynette liked the name and look of Rapunzel by Denise Schillinger.  Rapunzel nicely mimicked the pattern in the boarder of the quilt.
Rapunzel pantograph

Lynette’s second quilt was a class that I taught which was a follow-up to beginner quilting or Quilting 101, we called the class simply Quilting 201, however this was not a simple quilt to pick fabric for nor were the blocks simple.  This quilt is a two block quilt with the blocks Starry Splendor and Indian Puzzle; put together they make a lovely lattice effect on the finished quilt.
Starry Splendor and Indian Puzzle two block quilt
This lovely quilt was quilted with the Rambler Rose pantograph by Meredith England and a Peppermint Pink thread.
Rambler Rose pantograph
Ready to go home –
Lynette's quilt
Nan was the creator and initial teacher of Quilting 201 and when she moved to Germany I took the class over for her.  Many beautiful quilts were born in this class.

A day patched with quilting seldom unravels.

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