Monday, 14 September 2015

The Garden quilt by Joanne

There are a lot of flowers in this first quilt that Joanne ever brought me to quilt, fortunately she has brought me many more since.  Joanne was referred by a couple of friends that she does aqua-size with, I do appreciate referrals.
The Garden quilt
Joanne decided that The Garden should be quilted with the Blowing in the Wind pantograph by Irene Steele and we used a light olive thread.  Appropriate for the name of this quilt as well as the colours.
Blowing in the Wind pantograph
I have featured Joanne’s jewelry and teacup pin cushions on my blog before, have a look at the post and perhaps check out her etsy shop

Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with beauty of sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage. . ~ Thomas Kincade

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