Thursday, 9 February 2012

Elna Supermatic

Elna Supermatic (1956)

This lovely machine was the first thing I bought when I left home at eighteen.  I found it second-hand in a Singer sewing machine store and paid forty dollars for it.  There were several reasons for picking the Elna.  It is a sturdy machine, it had features that other machines didn’t have yet and I taught sewing lessons on the Elna Supermatic, so I was accustomed to how it worked.  I especially liked the little disks that you insert to change the stitches.

Elna Cams
Many years ago when something went clunk and I took Elna in to be serviced, I was told that I broke one of the only pieces that could be replaced, kind of scary as I didn’t want to think about buying a new machine.  A sewing friend suggested that I look for another on E-bay in order to have replacement parts.  Brilliant!  I kept an eye on E-bay and then an interesting thing happened… another friend (who doesn’t sew) was moving and decided to have a Garage Sale when I arrived at the sale there in the middle of the drive-way was what looked like my Elna, I picked it up with amazement as I turned saw the sign FREE.  ‘Happy Dance’  

These old Elnas are date stamped in the factory and when I got home I found that my two machines were made one day apart.  I haven’t had to use any parts for replacement yet, one machine is set up at home and one lives in my traveling case and goes back and forth to quilting lessons and my bi-weekly ‘stitch and bitch’ sessions.  Did I say this is a sturdy machine.

I think that I have another 30 year left of sewing time however I’m not sure if my Elnas will last as long.  Someday I may have to buy a new machine, do you have a new machine that you love, recommend or are looking at?


  1. Now that's a sweet looking machine! They just don't make cute ones anymore, or ones that last a lifetime like the oldies. I loved your story about finding a second one a garage sale with a FREE tag on it. Such luck!

  2. I know what you mean.... I only have older machines, I love them. the one I use the most is my 1963 Bernina, also my 1955 306K Singer. I have a 1955 Bernina that looks a lot like your Elna. I am sure glad to find quilters like me, that love the old machines :)

  3. I love my Elna, and can you imagine it's sewn all my quilts and clothing and children's clothing and much more for about 40 years.