Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Linda’s Lunacy

Linda's Lunacy

This magnificent log cabin style quilt by Susan was made during a yearlong class at My Sewing Room.  I am truly amazed by the intricacy and do not know how she kept the pieces organized.  When I asked Susan the name of the quilt she said that she called it Linda’s Lunacy, after the instructor.  This beauty is for her master bedroom and the King-size bed which her husband made – sweet.  

Blowin' Wind Pantograph

We choose the Blowin’ Wind Pantograph by Jodi Beamish and Light Olive thread.

I was further amazed by Susan, when I delivered the quilt to her at a Friday Finishing School Class that I was coaching at Out of Hand and she sewed the binding on and finished quilting another rather large quilt on her domestic machine that evening and went home with two new quilts!

A quilt is something you make to keep someone you love...WARM!

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  1. That quilt is just Amazing! I love her colors and your quilting is just perfect.