Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Diane’s Neutral Tumbler

My friend Diane is one of the fastest quilt makers that I know.  I see her every two weeks and she always has at least one quilt to show, that’s right, sometimes she has more than one!  Last year a few of us bought the Go Cutter by AccuQuilt and Diane immediately whipped up this Tumbler quilt in neutrals with the large tumbler die.
Neutral Tumbler Quilt

Quilted with the Chantily Lace pantograph by Norma Sharp and an variegated beige thread.
Chantily Lace Pantograph

Thinking too long about something is often the reason it never gets done.


  1. That's so nice! It's very calming

  2. I've seen some neutrals like that as background for applique, but never as the quilt. Very restful.
    Your quote at the end is so true... Usually as I think about a project I embellish it, and it becomes too hard to even try. Do you do that, too.

  3. Such a pretty quilt and love your quilting on it. The quote is very true!