Friday, 7 June 2013

Five quilts by Donna

Donna brought me five delightful quilts and I should have written down more notes, as I can’t remember all their stories.  I do believe this Dinosaur Quilt was for a grand-child.  Isn’t it fun, skateboarding dinosaurs?
Skateboarding Dinosaurs Quilt

Donna selected a cute Dinosaur Pantograph by Dave Hudson and Rainbow variegated thread.
Dinosuars Pantograph

This quilt is J & J’s Wedding Quilt and it is actually the second quilt that Donna made for J & J as the first quilt was stolen from the wedding car.  A sad story with a happy ending, how nice of Donna to start all over and make another quilt and lucky J & J!
J & J's Wedding Quilt

Quilted with the Blowin’Wind pantograph by Jodi Beamish and a turquoise variegated thread.

Blowin' Wind Pantograph

The next quilt is the Lilac Baby Quilt, so lovely.  I like how Donna stabilized the bias edges with a small lilac border.

Lilac Baby Quilt

On this quilt we used the Double Plume Pantograph by Keryn Emmerson and a lilac Glide thread called Tabriz Orchid.

Double Plume Pantograph

This lovely Red, White and Blue quilt was a mystery quilt and  Donna was planning on giving it away to a charity.  I’d find it hard to give this one away.

Red, White and Blue Mystery Quilt

It was quilted with the Blowin’ Wind Pantograph by Jodi Beamish and Red thread.
Blowin' Wind Pantograph

This Orange quilt was another mystery quilt and again and Donna was planning on giving it away as a charity quilt.
Orange Mystery Quilt

So she decided it should be quilted with a large meander and I used a thread called Lava, which is bright orange and I think went very well with all the different colours in the quilt top.

Large Meander

So many beautiful quilts, such a generous quilter.

If you bring sunshine into the lives of others, it will shine on you as well.

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  1. So many pretty quilts. I can't believe that someone stole a wedding quilt! Glad she could make another.