Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Blue and Tan quilt by Diane

Diane just pumps out the quilts, and here is another.  This lovely quilt was made to be a wedding gift.
Blue and Tan Quilt
Jodi Beamish’s Blowin’ Wind pantograph was used as the quilting design.
Blowin' Wind pantograph
Diane most often incorporated Back Art in her quilts.
Back Art
The quilting shows quite nicely on the back this quilt.
Close-up of quilt back
A beautiful gift for a new couple.

Love is the thread that binds us.


  1. Looks very nice. I'm sure it will be loved ; )

  2. I really like it when pieces of the top fabric are placed in the backing - if it's done well, of course ;) This quilt looks lovely!