Sunday, 9 November 2014

Beginner Quilting Fall 2014

Last weekend we had another group of graduates from ‘Beginner’s Quilting’ at Out of Hand in Calgary.  These ladies were all proficient sewers who wanted to learn some quilting basics.  I do believe I added a few tricks and techniques to their already excellent sewing skills.  After two Saturdays of fun learning and completing a crib size quilt I think everyone is planning their next project.  In fact Kiki nearly completed a flannel Winter quilt top before the end of class!

Here they are with their gorgeous nearly finished quilts.
Darlene and Kiki

Kathy and Anabela
Thank you all for an enjoyable class, perhaps I’ll see you in a future class or maybe you might bring me a quilt to have long-armed!

No amount of money or success can make you feel better than the feeling that you created something. ~ Colin MacDonald


  1. Look at the smiles on their faces - I bet they were really proud. Keep up the awesome job Edith - so nice to see new quilters coming into the fold.

  2. Great first quilts! They must have had a great teacher =)