Thursday, 27 November 2014

A wedding quilt by Cindy

This lovely lilac quilt was made by Cindy as a wedding gift for the child of a friend, first of four to get married, Cindy says!  The quilt is from a pattern called BQ3 by Maple Island Quilts, however Cindy called hers The Wedding Quilt #1 - I guess she’s anticipating making more!
Wedding quilt #1 aka BQ3 quilt
Cindy chose the Double Plume pantograph by Keryn Emmerson and a lilac coloured thread.
Double Plume pantograph
Here is a peek at the back of the quilt, where the quilting shows so nicely.
Double Plume pantograph
May you be free from cares and woes, when under this quilt you seek repose.

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