Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chocolate October

The colour of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is brown, chocolate sounds so much more palatable.  

Being that I’ve sorted all my scraps into colours I decided that I should continue with making little fabric scrap boxes to hold them in.  I spent Friday evening making this little scrap box following Amanda Jean Nyberg's instructions in the Sunday MorningQuilts book.  Here it is waiting to be filled.

And now filled with the brown fabric scraps.

Posing from a couple of different angles

And on the shelf beside it's buddy, the orange scrap box sewn in September when the RSC colour was orange.

These little boxes are quite easy and quick to sew, and of course I found it much easier sewing the second one, by the end of the Rainbow I’m going to be a pro.

Please take a moment to visit Soscrappy and see what others are doing with brown fabric scraps and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. ~ Forest Gump


  1. What beautiful boxes. I can already picture the entire rainbow.

  2. Love the brown box! The inside fabric is wonderful.

  3. Great boxes. I'm inspired to make some, especially the scrappy look.

  4. What wonderful boxes. I must give them a try.

  5. Love the boxes- perfect seasonal colors.

  6. Perfect boxes! Use scraps to hold scraps, that's a great idea.

  7. Amanda Jean's pattern is a PERFECT way to use AND store your BROWN scraps!!!

  8. Your boxes are really beautiful and perfect for the season! Love the quote from Forest gump!