Tuesday, 6 October 2015

October Goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes

My colleague Grace asked me to make a bed runner for her a very long time ago, unfortunately she said no rush, and so the project has been sitting on the back burner.  It’s time to complete this project, and it is my October goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.

Grace would like a bed runner in bright colours with her name on it, and she only wants it to be about 13 X 39 inches.

I plan to use letters from the book Fat Quarter Fonts by Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs, and the design will be something like Base Note by Sarah Fielke, from her book Hand quilted with love, you can see a picture of Sarah's quilt here.  I thought I would put bright colours on the top and bottom side with white in the middle along with the lettering for Grace’s name.

So here is a picture of what I have so far. 

Have a look at what others hope to finish for the month of October at A Lovely Year of Finishes.

To quilt is human, to finish divine.

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