Saturday, 24 September 2016

Carol’s quilts

A couple of pleasing quilts to show.  Carol made this fun, colourful quilt as a prank gift for her neighbour Peggy who ‘Does Not’ like chickens, and then cheekily names it Peggy’s Chickens.  It is a beauty.
Peggy's Chickens quilt
I was able to find a great pantograph by Patricia Ritter called Funky Chicken.  She’s a bit hard to see in the busy fabric, can you make her out?

Funky Chicken pantograph
We used a candy apple red thread for the quilting.

I love the chicken fabrics in this quilt and love the great fabric Carol found for the back.
Well Peggy still doesn’t like chickens, however Carol tells me she loves her quilt.

The second quilt is an Eye Spy quilt and was also made as a gift, not sure who the lucky recipient of this quilt was.
Eye Spy quilt
My husband is always impressed with Carol’s eye spy quilts and her variety of delightful prints.

One of Carol’s favourite pantographs is Crazy Puzzle by Dave Hunter, and for the Eye Spy quilt we used a Pacific blue thread.
Crazy Puzzle pantograph
Give one gift at a time and before you know it, you’ve created a pile of treasures.

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