Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Sweetman quilt

Evelyn made this vibrant sampler quilt as a gift for her daughter Lisa and son-in-law James.  I think Lisa, knew that this quilt was in the making, but she didn’t know how close it was to being finished.  Doesn’t this happen with so many of our quilt gifts, the surprize is when it actually is finished and arrives as a gift?
Sweetman quilt
The Chantilly Lace pantograph by Norma Sharp is an excellent complement to this quilt.

I like how it looked in the blocks

And in the border

Also in the sashing

Evelyn included some Quilt Back Art, with these lovely complimentary pieced fabrics.

 I like to think of my family as a big beautiful patchwork quilt – each of us so different yet stitched together by love. ~ Barbara Johnson

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