Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Fig Tree Twister Quilt

One of my own quilts to start the year.  This quilt was made with the Twister template by Primitive Patterns, the larger template was used for the blocks in this Fig Tree fabric quilt, and the smaller template was used for the borders.
Fig Tree Twister quilt
Large twister blocks with small twister border

I thought that the Entangle pantograph by Hermione Agee added to the twisting look of the quilt blocks.
Entangle pantograph

On the back I added a row of little twisters, which come with a story.  I was working on these borders during a sew day at my friend Janet’s and unknowingly left one strip behind, when I got home and wanted to finish the quilt I was short a bunch of little twisters.  Thinking that I must of miscalculated I sewed up another border, two weeks later when I returned to Janet’s she had the missing strip waiting for me, so I incorporated it into the back.  A nice addition to the back of this quilt, as I always like back art.

Quilt back art

I find quilting is always adapting and often correcting little blunders. 

This quilt measured 57 by 72 inches and has been sold.
A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

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  1. So nice to see one of your quilts! Love, love, love Fig Tree fabric and the twister pattern you used. Great choice of panto, too.