Saturday, 12 May 2018

Baton Rouge in Pink

Mari from the Academic Quilter blog tells us that our block for pink and the month of May with the RainbowScrap Challenge (RSC) is called “Baton Rouge Square, a Nancy Cabot block from 1936.” 
Thanks to Mari’s great instructions, I found this an easy block to make, however somehow I still managed to get the center of one block wrong, wasn’t able to fix it in time for photos and blogging. 

My quilting room is very pink these days, with my RSC pink scraping and my Floral Star Bouquet quilt being quilted. 

Have a wander over to Soscrappy to see what others are doing with pink. 

Tis better to have stitched and ripped out, than never to have sewn at all.


  1. You picked beautiful pinks for your blocks, and the floral quilt you are quilting is awesome

  2. Your Squared Away blocks are pretty in pink! Isn't it funny how we find those mistakes when looking at the pictures we take? It will be a quick fix, though.

  3. Pretty little pink blocks! I was going to use a different pink for my centers and then promptly forgot to do it! I am not going to change them now. Ha, ha!

  4. That's a whole lot of PINK!!! Can't wait to see your floral quilt finished.

  5. Great pink sampler blocks. Love the look of the quilt on the long arm.