Thursday, 8 March 2012

Polka Dot Quilt

Polka Dot Quilt

When I first got my Longarm quilting machine I did a lot of practicing.   People kept asking me when I was going to start quilting for customers; my answer was always “Soon, I’m not quite ready yet.”  Then on a Monday my friend Terry Morberg of Applepatch Designs said that she had a baby quilt that needed to be quilted by Friday to be mailed in time for a baby shower, could I please quilt it for her.  So I took it home and with fear and trepidation quilted my first ‘customer’ quilt.  I’m so glad that she had confidence in me and that she knew just how to get me started.

The term polka dots was coined between the 1840s and 1860s. 

Dotted-fabric patterns went by various names in mid-19th-century Europe. Dotted-Swiss referred to raised dots on transparent tulle. The French ‘quinconce’ described the diagonal arrangement of dots seen on the 5-side of dice. The large coin-sized dots on fabric, called ‘Thalertupfen’ in German, got their name from Thaler, the currency of German-speaking Europe until the late 1800s and the term from which the English word dollar descends.

The polka (dance) craze, which lasted for several decades in the 1800s, was sufficiently intense to inspire manufacturers to append “polka” to the name of a wide variety of completely unrelated products in an attempt to capitalize on polka-mania.

Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.


  1. What a pretty quilt. Good friends are such a joy. You never know when they are going to do that "one thing" which means so much.

    1. Yes Susan, Cute baby quilt and so true about friends, I've had a couple of friends who have supported me in a subtle yet just the right way.