Monday, 19 March 2012

Utility Quilts

Olivia's Memory Quilt
Callum's Memory Quilt

These Utility Quilts are a couple of the first quilts that I did when I first got my Millennium longarm quilting machine.  They are made of five inch patches of my children’s clothing.  There is every type of fabric you can imagine - quilt weight cotton, denim, French terry, rayon, fleece, t-shirt knits, corduroy - they both are backed with flannel.  Some of the seams were quite bulky, so I had to adjust my hopping foot.  

Callum’s quilt was done with the Musical pantograph by Anne Bright (he loves music and plays the bass guitar) and for Olivia’s I used Wild at Heart by Jodi Beamish (Olivia likes hearts).

A utility quilt is a functional quilt that usually contains a simple pattern and few frills.

Memories are stitched with love.


  1. I often think that utility quilts are the best - they are the ones that get used and loved to pieces. The masterpieces usually stay in the cupboard or just get put on display!

    1. Ellen, I think you are right, these were just completed this last year and have already been washed a couple of times. Comfy, durable, and memories.