Monday, 4 January 2016

Crazy Patch Cushion

Crazy Patch Cushion

Like so many, quilts and other creative projects this Crazy Patch Cushion has a story.  A couple of years ago my sister Cheryl gave me the crazy patch – the fancy fabrics basted to a piece of muslin.  Cheryl had received the block from her friend Maria Campbell a Métis author, playwright, broadcaster, filmmaker, and Elder.  I had actually read Maria’s book Halfbreed in a Women Studies course while at University (many years ago).  I believe Maria was hoping that my sister would learn to embroider.  I decided that I would finish the block and then return it as a cushion to my sister.

In October 2015 year when I went to the Houston International Quilt Festival I took a class from Judith Baker Montano who has taught and revived Crazy Quilting over the last 40 years.  I learned many new techniques from Judith and brought this crazy patch along to work on while in Houston.  I also found out while reading the first edition of Judith’s book The Crazy Quilt Handbook that she was raised on a ranch south of Calgary called the Bar U, a ranch that I had spent many days at, babysitting the Wambeke’s children and sometimes just helping with ranch and cattle duties.  The Wambeke’s had purchased the ranch from Judith’s father, as a result Judith and I had a memorable connection.

Using a few fancy embroidery techniques I finished decorating the Crazy Patch block and made it into this cushion which I gave to my sister for Christmas, I think it will look good on her orange chaise lounge.

Being crazy is beautiful.

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